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Language Arts
Starfall: ABCs
Starfall: Learn to Read
Starfall: I'm Reading
Starfall: It's Fun to Read

Reading Games
Picture Matching

Acrostic Poem Creator
Create a Comic
Create a Comic 2
Mad Libs
Interactive Venn Diagram
Scholastic Story Starter
Mad Libs Junior (Funbrain Reading)

=Virtual Manipulative
=Teaching Tool

Basic Facts
Hidden Picture
Cross the Swamp
Multiplication Games
Sum Sense (Addition)
Sum Sense (Subtraction)
Sum Sense (Multiplication)
Sum Sense (Division)
Power Lines
Add Your Way to a Million (Mental Math)
Roman Numerals Lesson
Calculator 1
Calculator 2
Multiplication Chart

Math Balance
Snap Cubes
Pattern Blocks
Place Value Golf
Place Value Spinner
Give the Dog a Bone
Guess the Number
Place Value Chart
Splat Square
Splat Square Reveal
Number Line
Random Number Generator
Word Problems with Katie

Fractions & Decimals
Fraction Flags (Halves & Quarters)
Fraction Flags (Thirds)
Fraction Paint 2×2
Fraction Paint 3×3
Fraction Paint 4×4
Fraction Paint 5×5
Fraction Paint 6×6
Fraction Paint 10×10 (Percentage Paint)

Time & Money
Bang on Time
Make Change
Digital or Analog Clock

Measurement & Geometry
Can You Fill It? (Volume)
Banana Hunt
Geoboard 1
Geoboard 2
Virtual Tangram
Measuring Angles
Shape Reveal
Shape Patch
Polygon Matching Game
Shape Quiz
Shape Sort

Data Analysis
Create a Graph
Create a Bar Graph
Create a Pictograph

Trees are Terrific
Alien Juice Bar
Sammy Salmon
Animal Homes

Social Studies
An Inukshuk
Cariboo Gold Rush
Canada Map Puzzle

Think Draw

Just For Fun
Scary Spuds
Snakes and Ladders
Carve a Pumpkin

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